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Robert Landori Robert Landori is no stranger to the life of intrigue, having spent many years practicing as a senior business consultant and having experienced solitary confinement in Castros Cuba, falsely accused of being a spy. Obviously, his life guides the penning of the best fiction books in the crime novel genre.Landori was born in Hungary and spent most of his professional life handling large sums of other peoples money, first as a public accountant, then as a specialist in Mergers and Acquisitions, finally bringing his expertise to the Cayman Islands as a Trustee in Bankruptcy. Yet behind this quiet man of numbers lay a life of mystery.

Robert Landoris adventures are reminiscent of the most tantalizing thriller novel. His travels through South America and the Caribbean brought him into close contact with elaborate con schemes, money laundering, international financial chicanery and the activities of members of intelligence communities from various nations. These encounters serve as an unmatched source of inspiration for the highly charged crime novels and thriller novels Landori writes.

Freed from Cuba, Landori works as a security consultant, and is a lecturer on money laundering and terrorism. When Robert Landori isnt at his day job he is a writer of international fiction and espionage novels, which are sure to sate the palate of the most demanding adventure-seeking reader.


The time is October 2001. The place, Baghdad. The villain, Chemical Ali, Saddam Husseins cousin. Alis got a new weapon of mass destruction, and this time its not made of metal: he plans to weaponize a new and incurable variety of Mad Cow disease for humans, called Creutzfeld-Jakob, but before doing so he needs to be able to vaccinate his True Believers against this deadly virus.

Upon learning about Canadian scientists, Jason Moscovitch, who is working on such a vaccine, Ali recruits a snatch team to kidnap the man. When things go awry, their plan begins to unravel. Will Robert Lonsdale, the CIAs contract officer trying to foil their efforts be able to identify the Islamic Nationalists in time to save the kidnapped scientist?

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The dangerous double-dealings of the CIA in Cuba are revealed in this fast-paced international thriller. Cuban General Patricio Casas must decide whether to support the revolution he has fought for so hard and long or do what is good for his people and challenge the selfish authoritarianism of the Castroite regime. Robert Lonsdale, the CIA operative tasked with making sense of this intricate situation soon finds himself drawn into a maelstrom of intrigue and murder out of which there seems to be no escape.Apparently double-crossed by his colleagues, Lonsdale struggles on alone and outfoxes his shadowy tormentors who intend to silence him forever. This gripping novel exposes the way two countries intelligence services operate in a world in which the right hand never knows what the left hand is doing.

Havana Harvest Novel

Avarice and hatred between the partners of a biotech firm lead to murder C and to a possible pandemic of Creutzfeld-Jacobs disease in this riveting thriller that begins in a placid North American suburb and ends on the high seas on the morning of 9/11. Ex-CIA, Mossad and SAS men are pitted against Latin American stringers for Al Qaeda in a race against time when it becomes clear that an innocuous incident involving surgical glue derived from cow blood has led to the generation of a weapon of mass destruction.FATAL GREED is about an underground world that most of us will never know, a world of easily-bought passports and citizenships of convenience, secret off-shore banking with numbered and coded accounts, anonymous bearer share certificates, and unparalleled moral turpitude. When its surface ruptures it threatens to engulf civil society like a tidal wave.

Fatal Greed Money Laundering

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