Some Reviews

  • louise-penny

    “Robert Landori writes marvelously intricate international thrillers…”

    Louise Penny

    New York Times bestselling author

  • dotty-brown

    “What I love about Robert Landori’s thrillers are the details he brings to his settings. Landori, who speaks seven languages and has lived all over the world, draws on his personal knowledge of places like Zurich and Budapest and the Caribbean. The excitement of his plot line is anchored in details of place and custom and culture, making his stories as much a travelogue as they are page-turner thrillers. The Four Equations also draws on Landori’s knowledge of high finance as his hero unravels the dastardly doings of a couple of greedy Swiss bankers.”

    Dotty Brown

    Author of Boathouse Row

  • mark-medicoff

    “Four Equations” is an exciting thriller with an uncommon blend of financial intrigue, little known Holocaust truths, and family revelations spanning two generations. The author weaves a tale brought to life presumably from his own extraordinary experiences… a compelling realistic thriller that is a pleasure to read. Not to be missed.

    Mark Medicoff

    Lecturer at John Molson School of Business

  • harley-mintz

    “…. A gripping tale, told with élan and touching on a little-remembered facet of the Holocaust, namely the incredible challenges Jews, who had fled and survived persecution, had to face when trying to recover their money from those to whom they had entrusted it for safekeeping. I couldn’t put it down – read it cover to cover in one sitting!”

    Harley Mintz

    Former Vice Chair Deloitte, Canada