Born in Hungary, Robert Landori (whose full name is Robert Landori-Hoffmann) was, for most of his professional life, a senior Public Accountant, Mergers & Acquisitions specialist, and a Trustee in Bankruptcy in the Cayman Islands.

But behind the facade of the quiet man of numbers lay a life of intrigue and mystery. He traveled widely throughout South America and the Caribbean, where he came into contact with international financiers, notorious con men, well-known artists and entertainers… and members of several countries’ intelligence communities.

Robert Landori also developed a highly charged and double-edged relationship with Castro’s Cuba, and was, at one time, held in solitary confinement for over two months on false accusations of espionage.

He was eventually freed, and is now a writer of international intrigue and espionage thrillers.

FOUR EQUATIONS is Robert Landori’s eighth book.

Robert Landori lives in Canada where, when he is not writing full-time, he consults as a Business Development Strategist.