From where will the light come for these children?

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Comments (6) / April 30, 2022

Sunday morning I went for a walk on Mount Royal. There is a park there which overlooks my city – Montreal. I wanted to see my college debating partner’s, Leonard Cohen’s, gigantic portrait painted on the wall of one of the skyscrapers and visible for miles.

My mood was somber.

May-blogLeonard’s words in his song ANTHEM ‘There is a crack/A crack in everything/That’s how light gets in’ kept reverberating in my mind while I, fighting back tears, tried to erase from my mind’s eye the picture of a six-year old Ukranian boy standing near his mother’s grave on which he had heaped his most precious possessions – all the food that he possessed: a carton of juice and two tins of beans.

In the courtyard of their house, Vlad Tanyuk, 6, stands near the grave of his mother Ira Tanyuk, who died because of starvation and stress due to the war.

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From where will the light come for these children?

  1. Marika Kemeny says:

    Oh, my dear Robi. I feel the same, deep sadness. What devastation and how these children will carry this tragedy inside them for the rest of their lives. Another generation of survivors of horrors and for what? A crazy old man’s dream of empire.

  2. Surányi Bálint says:

    Robikám, te csak tudod a saját gyerekkori élményeidből….

  3. Andrew Gross says:

    Hallo Robi igen , tragikus , katasztrofalis, s szomoru….es mi emlekezunk…mert

    80 evvel ezelott hasonlo kepek..atrocitasok, haboruk akkor is …es most is …Andras

  4. Rosalie Mickle says:

    What a heart breaking image ….😥
    And each day the images keep coming .
    Pundits say this war may go on for years!…In truth it already has.
    I join you in your deep unyielding sorrow.

  5. Denis Palko says:

    All war is sad and tragic. But this is a cruel, barbaric, unjustified invasion.
    The light however is getting in, and hopefully the invaders will be beaten back before too many more die.

  6. Erika says:

    I like Denis Palko’s optimism. I keep thinking this is how WW III will start, just like WWII, first with one country’s invasion, then the one next to it, and eventually all the countries of Europe and the USA will get involved. I’d rather not live through yet another war…

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