Hurrah for the Irish

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Comments (8) / January 31, 2022

I’m a Big City boy. Always was and probably always will be. To be cooped up in a small village of five thousand people is suffocating, but safe. And, since I am eighty-seven years old, safe is big time for me. I had to adapt – and fast.

And I did, relatively easily because I have a passion that I could indulge by owning no more but a phone, a computer and the INTERNET.

Damn this pandemic!

As you know, I write and this helps me cope with my frustrations and anger issues when I begin to feel locked up. One of my monthly challenges, of course, is to produce a blog that is interesting, informative, entertaining and not too long. This time, it was Mr. Putin’s Navy that was good enough to provide a topic that reflects inventiveness and heroism that deserves wide recognition.

In anticipation of a Cyber attack because of the Ukrainian situation Mr. P’s Navy began cutting transatlantic international communications and sensor cables in the Atlantic Ocean. This is not an easy engineering feat: to start with, you must find a part of the cable that lies in relatively shallow international waters and you must camouflage your illegal activity well so that nobody can prove that you have committed it.

What better way of doing so is by holding ‘practice’ naval war-games above the cable, such as the ones Mr. P’s Navy proposes to hold on Tuesday, February 1 in Irish waters off the coast of County Cork.

Done deal, thought Mr.P. ‘Not so fast’ said sixty-odd Irish fishing-boat owners who were less than enthusiastic about letting Mr. P having his way. February 1 is the date prawn-fishing season is scheduled to open and the fishermen politely informed Mr. P’s Ambassador that they fully intended to fish extensively in the designated area on that particular date.

To quote Patrick Murphy, chief executive of the Irish South and West Fish Producers Organization when the Ambassador told him that his members should stay away: ‘I’d be buggered if I’d allow the Russian Ambassador to order us about. He has no authority whatsoever over us.’

Irish fishermen 1: Putin’s Navy 0.

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Hurrah for the Irish

  1. Nancy Jean Smith says:

    You are the best Robert! I sure hope we get to visit this summer or fall!!!! Nancy Jean. Always love your blogs. Kisses.

  2. laflorya Gauthier says:

    Hello Mr. Landori: Thanks for the email and am glad to hear that you are still writing. So am I. I have just had a new book published which the Atwater Library is featuring for Black History Month!

    That’s very nice of them!
    Take care.


  3. Alistair and Jennifer Duff says:

    Robert, I love it.
    It only takes a couple of stubborn Irish fishermen to put it to one of the world’s worst tyrants and stop him. We need more of them like that. Bravo!

  4. Rosalie mickle says:

    Well thank you for this interesting piece of information! & here’s to Patrick Murphy & the Irish fishermen! It seems the number of people willing to call out Putins’ bully tactics is growing every day!
    Nevertheless it is a worrying situation! …And while we worry, the ever increasing array of autocrats on the global stage watch his every move in gleefully anticipation!
    Let’s pray this ‘pilot’ gets a no go!!

  5. gerald desourdy says:

    Ah those Irish men, they know all about mock show.
    Good for all of us that they do not fear Mr. P.

  6. Robert Kemeny says:

    Well put, Robert. I really enjoyed this gem. Thank you.

  7. janice says:

    Maybe this is time Ireland finally joined NATO…

  8. Erika says:

    This one made me really smile! How clever of you to find this information and write about it. Have you sent it to some newspapers???? You should!

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