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Comments (5) / June 30, 2022

Xada felt funny. She was lying under her desk and her brother, Rafa, a year older, was lying on top of her, protecting her.

He was calling 911 on his cell phone and was asking for the police to come and when they didn’t come he called again and again and they didn’t come and then there was a noise like when a gun is fired and Rafa stopped calling.

She forced herself not to look at what happened because her teacher had said that she should play possum when there is a shooting because those who pretended to be dead when there was a shooting they escaped being shot because shooters were only interested in shooting alive people and this was a real shooting.

She felt something warm and sticky running down her neck that dripped down to the floor in front of her eyes, and it was red. She wanted to touch it, but she dared not move because teacher had said Don’t move. But it didn’t really matter  anymore because she had seen teacher fall to the floor just before Xada had gotten under the desk and now teacher was lying next to her not moving. She was dead, Xada knew, because teacher was staring at her with her eyes open, not moving. ‘So she must be dead’ she whispered to herself and that was a pity because she loved her teacher.

She couldn’t help shifting her body ever so slightly.   Rafa was heavy and not moving and sliding off her so he must also be dead.. Then she felt the bullet hit her in her side The gun was firing lots of shots and suddenly she became very tired. Mama was there and took her in her arms, but her side began to hurt very much and Papa told her to be strong and that everything would be all right. And so it was because she was back at he amusement park with Papa and riding the horse on the carousel. Papa had his arms around her, whispering in her ear that she shouldn’t  worry, he won’t let her fall off the horse, and Rafa kissed her from above, but he seemed to be very far away.


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In Memoriam

  1. Denis Palko says:

    It was conceived as the land of the free – and the home of the brave
    They left England, a country in total oppression
    and created one of total freedom
    They have now learned in freedom
    What England learned in oppression
    That extremes of any sort are not good
    England found the solution, 1- Bill of rights, 2- prohibit guns (except military)
    U.S. has the first and is struggling with the second
    How many more must die before you do what has to be done.

  2. Hannah Shapiro says:

    Written with a heart filled with grief-what kind of a country can’t protect their children- we carry the ones we lose in our hearts always…

  3. Rosalie mickle says:

    Yes indeed they have no shame, no conscience, no sense of decency, no thought for women or children ( born or unborn), no care about the future of the world ….they are a cult who sold their souls to the devil long ago.
    I ‘wish’ I was kidding but no, this is the terrifying truth and they are still recruiting.

  4. Jacob Potashnik says:

    No, no shame. Not human. Monsters with zero ethics or morality. Raised to put themselves first, above all others. Patting themselves on the back as “mavericks,” “outsiders,” in other more ethical eras, such people, self-centred, anti-social beasts, would be driven from the cities and habitations – they would taken to the desert, like scapegoats, with all their inequities, to be consumed by the wilderness. May it happen soon.

  5. janice says:

    Powerful…Nothing more need be said.

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