Reviews – Havana Harvest


  • “Landori writes with the authority of someone who has been there. He is skilled at character development, portraying the passions and philosophies that motivate the protagonists.”

    Villa McLean

    The Kitchener – Waterloo Record

  • “The author knows of what he writes. He lived the life of a businessman in the Cayman Islands. However, he also lived a life of intrigue and mystery, traveling throughout South America and the Caribbean, coming in contact with members of several countries’ intelligence communities. He also had a relationship with Fidel Castro that ended with his spending two months of solitary confinement on charges of espionage. He now lives a quieter life in Montreal, Canada. Havana Harvest is a winner. Don’t miss it.”

    Mary Ann Smyth


  • “Robert Lonsdale, the protagonist in Havana Harvest, tries hard to defend against treachery within the ranks of his colleagues in his quest to save an innocent man from certain death. He is a very ‘sympatico’ figure to whom it is easy to relate. This story would make a damned good movie.”

    André Link

    Former Chairman, Lions Gate Films