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Comments (6) / March 30, 2022

In Baháʼí writings, where they are used as metaphors for the lower nature of man, human beings are seen to have free will, and are thus able to turn towards Good and develop spiritual qualities or turn away from Good and become immersed in their self-centered desires.

Psychiatry defines human beings who become slaves to self-centered desires as narcissists. Those who suffer from excessive narcissism are considered to be sick people in urgent need of corrective treatment to help them avoid becoming satanic.

And what is “SATANIC”?

“Characterized by extreme cruelty or viciousness” (Miriam Webster)

Vladimir Putin is satanic.

In the 1800’s it was fashionable to hunt Satan and exorcise him from a person’s body.

Perhaps someone should be given an Exorcising Kit (such as the one pictured above) who would then visit Tovarish Putin and chase the Devil out of his body one way or another.


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  1. Robbie Kemeny says:

    I love the Exorcising Kit. Does it come with an instruction manual?

  2. Is there silver in that arsenal?

  3. Jacob Potashnik says:

    I have been listening to an audio version of Solzhenitsyn’s, “The Gulag Archipelago.” As you know, Robert, much of it is devoted to a fairly thorough study of the waves of arrests and purges carried out first by Lenin and then, even more satanically, by Uncle Joe. The seemingly unending roll call of heinous murders and slaughters is almost too much to take in. When the supply of potential human material for his genocide machine waned after WWII, he turned his grisly attention to the sons and daughters of people he condemned to “ten and twenty ruble” sentences in fear that they might grow up to become adults who resent having their parents taken from them, and then do something about it. Do something? Why is is so hard for mass murders like Stalin and Pol Pot and Putin to die in a timely manner? Are their actions inevitable? If it were not for Stalin, would someone else have been there, tending the Gulag’s human-eating machine? If Putin had veered away from government and had succumbed to the siren call of oligarchy and the voluptuous lure of stolen billions, would a Sergii or an Ivan had been there, waiting impatiently in the wings, for their own call to war, corruption and mass murder? Why is it so hard to put a sleek, copper-tipped bullet into the back of Putin’s head? Why is it so hard for Vlad to get pancreatic cancer, or a brain tumour large enough to push his withered, reptilian brain out through his ears? May G-d strike him down. May he lie, on a forgotten road, carrion for dogs and birds. And may those who supported him, fear, for the rest of their lives, the sound of the Righteous Winged One and the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword.

  4. Denis Palko says:

    You are very kind – there must be millions who would like to exorcise (or assassinate) this man. Death alone is not punishment enough for the damage he has already done and continues to do to a beautiful country and it’s innocent people.
    It is unfortunate that we have to deal with such barbaric behavior in a civilized and legal way.
    Hopefully his inner circle and demoralized army will come to their senses before it is too late
    Enjoyed your article – thanks

  5. Veronique Landory says:

    Unfortunately, satanic or not, Putin is not alone in Russia in his geopolitical ambitions. I think a dangerous proportion of the Russian Duma, cerainly most of hist closest advisors and even a considerable number of ordinary Russians, (especially those duped by his very effective propaganda mashine), are behind him.
    Let’s consider his aims:
    – He wants to restore Russia’s prestige and world status by
    a) gaining control of the territory all along the West coast of the Sea of Azov, of the Northern and North-Eastern Black Sea, as well as of the Ukrainian breabasket, (whose grains feed 1/3rd of the world’spopulation = 1/2 of the world’s if combined with Russia’s);
    b) by increasing, not least by the control of the weat market,
    Russia’s political influence in North Africa and the Middle-East, and later, (although that is a dangerous game given China’s interests), bolstering it in Kazakhstan and area.
    In a medieval or even 19th century and Stalinist sense, the idea is not outlandish, even if his methods of trying to achieve it are, and in many ways are counterproductive today.
    What he is trying to do in Ukraine, especially in the East and along the Sea of Azov, I’m afraid, is to create “table raze” and later people the area with land-starved Russians in Russian wheat-fields….
    The only way to stop him is to get China to realize the threat to it, and persuade it to join Europe and the US in saying “enough, back off!!!!”

  6. janice says:

    The fundamental thing I don’t get is that, as I understand it, Putin does not recognize Ukrainians as a nation distinct from Russians, yet he so easily kills and terrorizes people he supposedly regards as his own.

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