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Comments (6) / September 27, 2019

Once again, I am on our cottage’s porch near Mont Tremblant, sipping Lavazza coffee and munching fresh, crusty croissants that I smear with honey. The early morning sun, glittering above our lake’s mirror-still water, is rising. The weather is unseasonably warm – compensation for a rather poor summer.

I am waiting for the geese. And here they come, a dark, delicate ribbon of honking, flapping wings winding its way South in an incredibly blue autumn sky.

I am happy and at peace with the world.

Then my computer blinks and the picture of six men appears on its screen: two tyrants, two statesmen and two buffoons.

One of the buffoons is harmless, just misguided. The other, his own worst enemy, is mean and vengeful. An egomaniac, he suffers from foot-in-mouth disease. Unfortunately, he happens to be the world’s most powerful man.

He breaks up families by separating children from their parents, does not believe in climate change and is openly racist.


I suspect because he wants to keep on being the Star in the arguably best current TV Series called ‘The Apprentice President’.

I can understand that. Egomaniacs need that kind of self-satisfaction.

Regrettably though, through his ignorant, malevolent actions he will convert our home, which we call Earth, into an uninhabitable ball of mud, spinning madly about its own axis in a vast and infinitely dangerous universe.

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  1. Edith coleman says:

    Well said..well written..what a shame ..that these or this asshole can turn our beautiful home into a mud pile.

  2. Lincsi says:

    Loved it. Well written, funny and unfortunately true.

  3. Denis Palko says:

    Trust me it won’t happen, we are being shown the cleansing that is required in the Republican party. Trump is simply the instrument being used to expose it.
    The American civil war did not end with Abraham Lincoln or John F Kennedy.
    The racist south was reignited by the election of pres. Obama, and the full force of this hatred is being played out by the Trump presidency.
    But as in the past, it will be defeated, – for as prophesied by Leonard Cohen
    ” Democracy is comming to the USA”.

    Denis Palko

  4. Erika says:

    Nice Note, sadly true about the second set of people. Did I miss a comment about the first 3 people you showed?

  5. george says:

    so sad so true, as the french say sometimes we laugh not because it s funny.

  6. Ilsa says:

    It is true sadly, but what do we expect from someone who is a business person (poorly), do not know anything about Politics and it is not well educated in all the sense of the word. He has his millions, he does not care about nobody but himself, so he will never understand what is happening in the whole world. It is for him, himself and himself.

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