Don Graves

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“Robert Landori’s lifetime of adventures jumps off the page in this thriller about money laundering, drug cartels, and terrorists that lead to murder on the high seas in a race against time, greed and passion obsessed evil.  A Tidal Wave of Intrigue and Adventure, FATAL GREED’s enticing prologue sets the tone and pace with a shotgun dialogue style of storytelling. A biotech manufacturer cuts a corner to meet a deadline and ships a time-bomb load of contaminated product around the world. The resulting coverup leads to murder…and a race against Al-Qaeda stringers to prevent them from causing a pandemic in the name of religion. Deputy director of NATO intelligence, Robert Lonsdale, begins his retirement  with a new love, a new career and his first and almost last private investigation as he chases laundered money… and a man thought to be dead. …the climax is charged with tension, high-tech weaponry and old fashioned blood and guts.”