Summer in Montreal

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Comments (1) / September 1, 2018

Where is this French Marines Officer headed? Read on.

A couple of weeks ago my daughter called. “Hey Dad,” she said. “I’m a teacher on vacation. Let me take you to lunch in Old Montreal. After, we could visit the Pointe-à-Callière archaeological and historical museum. It has a collection of artifacts that illustrate how various cultures – the British, French and First Nations – coexisted and interacted and have influenced the history of this region over the years.”

Needless to say, I accepted.

We had lunch at a schnitzel place I know downtown and then headed for the Old Port to the museum.


It seemed as if the entire world had the same idea we had. The admission line was so long it sneaked out of the lobby and half-way down the block. We hung around for a bit then gave up and went for a walk.

When we got to the old (restored) Stock Exchange building we found a row of abandoned wooden armchairs facing the structure. We sat down and, within minutes, were treated to a show that you can see by clicking on the link below.

Have fun watching.

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Summer in Montreal

  1. Peter Trutschmann says:

    Grüß Gott Robert.
    Had this idea to visit this Museum for years, every time I drove by it, line ups. I do detest lineups since I was a child and had to line up for food handouts in Vienna from the US, or Marshall plan. Never will forget how we were treated to Sardines ( fine with me ), milk powder ( brought it home to mother, as with dry egg powder). What really got me the wrong way was lentils in a bag, but literally crawling, never ate lentils since then. Plus we got a 2 cm type rubber ball, never understood that one.
    Strange enough I did trade in Lentils in my adult life for quite some time
    Robert, I need to have Lunch soon to come even with you ! When and where ?
    Since you are almost swiss, Grüitzi mitanan’d

    Peter T

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