Vlad the Impaler

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Comments (7) / February 27, 2022

Wallachia was a place between the Kingdom of Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. The Turks were fighting against the Kingdom of Hungary and this made Wallachia a battleground between Turks and Hungarians. The rulers of Wallachia were chosen by the Romanian aristocrats, called Boyars. The ruler was often from a noble house, sometimes an illegitimate prince born outside of marriage. The country rulers were struggling with each other, and this was resulting in instability, family disputes and murders. (Wikipedia)

Look at the above text from Wikipedia. Now substitute the word Hungary with USA and Turks with Russia, Wallachia with Ukraine, Boyar with Oligarch, Illegitimate Prince with Putin the KGB Wunderkind, brought up in a rat-infested apartment slum in St Petersburg, and you get the picture.

The only difference between Vlad and Putin is that while Vlad wanted Wallachia for himself and his family, Putin wants the Ukraine as part of the New Russian Empire.

As for impaling, the Kremlin is already suspected of killing the following people:

Mikhail Levin
Alexander Litvinov
Anna Politkovskaya
Natalia Estemirova
Stanislav Markelov
Anastasia Baburova
Boris Nemtsov
Boris Berezovsky
Paul Klebnikov
Sergei Yushenkov

TV Network Founder
Ex-KGB Operative
Human Rights Lawyer
Journalist and Friend of Markelov
Putin Critic
Oligarch who, in England, threatened Putin
Forbes Moscow anti-corruption Editor
‘Liberal Russia’ Party Founder

Then there is Navalny in prison and the hundreds of innocent people who died and are dying in the Ukraine these days.

Furthermore, the United States has obtained intelligence that Russia may target prominent political opponents, anti-corruption activists, and Belarusian and Russian dissidents living in exile. And now, of course, Putin’s Ukranian opponents have become targets.

Make no mistake: Putin is just another thug, like Hitler or Mussolini or Stalin.

“Putin only understands the language of power,” to quote a frightened, sobbing teenager sheltering from bombardment in a Kharkiv subway station last Thursday.

Hopefully, Biden is smarter than Chamberlain.

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Vlad the Impaler

  1. gerald desourdy says:

    Hello Robert
    Having worked in Russia for 5 years from 1992 till 1997, I have a prety good idea of wht the KGB did and Puitn was as you well know a KGB soshould we be surprised that he has no respect for human life?
    Have a great day.

  2. Jacob Potashnik says:

    Here, here! No more appeasement. You cannot appease a sociopath. They must be liquidated, like a rabid animal.

  3. Denis Palko says:

    An excellent outline – thank you.
    Biden is probably smarter, but he doesn’t have the courage, he displays desperation not confidence.

  4. Rosalie mickle says:

    I’m beginning to’ hope ‘(based on Finland expressing ‘thoughts’ to give up its ‘neutral status’’ & join NATO. If all the countries bordering Russia followed suit. OMG wouldn’t that be the most wonderful irony!! We may not even have to worry about how to eliminate Putin he may just save us the trouble & off’ himself.
    Right now all we have is ‘Hope’ right .. 🇺🇦🕊✌🏼
    Sadly though it does seem we humans are doomed to ‘repeating ourselves’ as you sadly point out.
    I think Joe is doing 👍🏻

  5. sunt says:

    What to do against a potential kamikaze?

  6. janice says:

    Let’s not overlook that Putin has his sights set on the Canadian Arctic as well.

  7. Erika says:

    Just listened to Zelensky addressing the USA congress. Very smart, dramatic, effective I hope. Your presentation should be sent to Congress and all the European heads of government. It’s very effective. Unfortunately, as you conclude, we humans don’t seem to earn from the past. Or we just need to have wars…at least men do.

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